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Avondale Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame
The Avondale Sports Hall of Fame
recognizes former Avondale School District athletes, staff members, community members and administrators who stand apart from their peers.

Those who have excelled in their field, reached a pinnacle of success, and demonstrated commitment to the hard work it takes to be the
best of the best.
2018 Inductees

To view the list of 2018 Inductees click here.
Hall of Fame Line up

Watch video clips and view photos from the 2018 Induction Ceremony here.

  • Nominees who are coaches/administrators must be retired / inactive from the Avondale School District for greater than 2 years.
  • Individuals must have graduated from Avondale High School greater than 10 years prior.
  • Teams, individuals, families or contributors may be nominated.
  • Nominations must be received by May 31.
  • Nominations of non-inductees will be kept for review and reconsideration each year. (It is not necessary to submit the same nomination each year.)
  • Nominations may be emailed, sent through the United States Postal Service, submitted on line, or dropped off at the Avondale High School Athletics office at 2800 Waukegan, Auburn Hills, MI  48326.
  • The nomination form should include: Varsity sports letters earned; Avondale honors (Captain, MVP, etc.); League, County, Regional and/or State Honors; and Avondale non-athletic participation (A-Club, Class Officer, etc.).
  • For individuals: what the nominee did after leaving Avondale matters. Suggested information to include in the nomination: colleges sports, service organizations, coaching, mentoring and other lifetime achievements.
  • For teams and families, a representative must be identified on the nomination form who will be responsible for collecting and supplying all contact information for all team / family members, including: their name, phone number, US postal address and email address.
  • A 4" x 6" photo of the nominee is required.
  • Nominators name, email address, and phone number needs to be provided on the nomination form. 

Submit an Online Nomination - Click 
Your response will automatically be sent to the committee.

OR Print a Nomination Form - Click here
Please email your completed and scanned form to:

You can also mail or drop completed forms off:
Avondale High School Athletics Office 
(2800 Waukegan Street, Auburn Hills, MI 48326)