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Return to Learning

Avondale Return to Learning | 2020-2021

The safety of our students is our number one priority in the Avondale School District. As we navigate this “new normal” together, our mission remains the same: to provide a safe learning environment in which all students have the unhindered ability to grow and thrive academically and as individuals. Here you will find an overview of our Return to Learning Plan for the 2020-2021 School Year as well as additional resources regarding state guidelines and other relevant information.

Remote Learning Plan Extended for All Students

During the November 5, 2020 Special Board of Education meeting, the Board voted 7-0 to modify the timeline for Avondale School District students and staff to return to in-seat instruction and to continue remote instruction at this time.   In making their decision, the Board cited
- the rising number of positive COVID cases in Oakland County as provided by the Health Department;
- the designation of the County as being at Risk Level “E” (the level with the highest risk for returning to in-seat instruction);
- the County’s disclosure that they are having difficulty conducting timely contact tracing;
- recent cases of COVID and/or quarantining within the Avondale School District that are already resulting in a cut back on services (even with only a small percentage of the student population in-seat);
- knowledge of school districts in the area needing to overturn their decision to return to in-seat instruction causing additional disruption for their students;
- the inevitability that the volume of COVID cases when the community is in Level “E” will impact the number of staff required to quarantine making it problematic to operate in-seat instruction (complicated too by the shortage of substitute teachers);
-and the recommendation by the Oakland County Health Department that school districts who began the 2020-21 school year in remote learning should remain in remote learning.

Foremost in the minds of Avondale administrators is the responsibility to keep students and staff safe.  It is documented that some school districts who have instituted approved, consistent and broad measures to mitigate the spread of COVID are among those returning to remote instruction. This suggests that the virus may not start in a classroom but it is getting into the classroom, compromising the safety of everyone in the room and by extension, throughout the building.

The District is aware of the difficulties this decision may cause for some of our families. Many community members shared personal stories of how this is impacting their lives. Every member of the Avondale School District learning community empathizes with the struggles many families are facing.  This pandemic has touched every person in some way. It is the District’s charge though to find a safe way to educate the children in the community. After months of planning and considering every possible option Avondale administration and the Board of Education have determined that staying remote, during this time, is the best chance of eventually returning to an in-seat learning environment without interruption or set-back. For students and staff, this means that the District will continue with remote instruction and follow the current schedule without pause.  The Board of Education has indicated they will revisit this decision when the County Risk Level is at “D”. At that time, administration will start planning and preparing for a return to in-seat instruction to begin when the County Risk Level reaches “C”. Data from the health department suggests that this may not be until the middle of January, 2021. Therefore, administration and staff are hoping to be able to return to in-seat instruction sometime around January 19, 2021 (again, depending upon the County Risk Level reaching Level “C”.)

Heightened Cleaning Protocols

Read an overview of cleaning protocols in place to ensure the health and safety of Avondale School District students and staff - click here.

State of Michigan Teacher Grants

The State of Michigan is providing teacher grants to support educators throughout the state as they continue instruction while the world is in the COVID-19 pandemic.  
Learn more here.

COVID-19 Learning Plans Submitted and Approved

To ensure that all students in the State of Michigan receive equitable education during the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, the Michigan Department of Education has instituted a reporting system whereby all school districts must submit comprehensive plans for educating every student in their charge.  You can review the Avondale School District plans, reconfirmed each month by the local School Board of Education, below.