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Avondale Phase 4 Learning

Avondale School District will offer only remote learning durning this phase, from September 1st to November 6th.

In Phase Four, the number of new cases and deaths has fallen for a period of time, but overall case levels are still high. Most new outbreaks are quickly identified, traced, and contained due to robust testing infrastructure and rapid contact tracing. Health system capacity can typically handle these new outbreaks, and therefore case fatality rate does not rise above typical levels. The overall number of infected individuals still indicate the need for distancing to stop transmission and move to the next phase. Schools permitted to open for in-person instruction with more stringent required safety protocols.

K-5th Grade In-Person Model:

  • All students attending school 5 Days/Week
  • Cohorting in Classrooms - class sizes balanced to fit space (3-5ft apart)
  • All students wear masks/face shields
  • Staff wear masks/face shields always
  • No shared supplies/computers
  • Specials are delivered in classrooms, scheduled to minimize teacher daily exposure
  • Push-in OR Pull-out special services/interventions WITHIN Cohort (Cleaning in between groups)
  • Maximize classroom spacing - remove all extraneous furniture
  • Students spacing marked
  • Hand washing scheduled every 2-3 hours
  • Recess 1x per day
  • Lunch-cohorts must either eat in classrooms or be cohorted in lunchroom with adequate spacing

6th-12th Grade In-Person Model:

  • All students attending school 5 Days/Week
  • All students and staff wear masks/faceshields
  • Block Scheduling to allow for cleaning between classes, less switching classes. Reduce passing from 6 to 3 times throughout the school day.
    • A Schedule:  TBD
    • B Schedule:  TBD
  • Class sizes contractual and adjusted within reason of social distancing (3-5ft apart)
  • Students EDUCATED on hygiene importance and routines 
  • Hallways navigated to allow for social distancing
  • No shared supplies/computers
  • Routine use of hand sanitizer
  • Alternative lunch areas