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Avondale High School -
Home of the Yellow Jackets

Avondale High School serves grades 9-12 by providing an exceptional educational experience and opportunities for skill building as a steady foundation before students embark on their next chapter after high school. Avondale High School has many innovative offerings, like the Rochester Early College program that enables students entering 10th and 11th grade to earn an Associate Degree for free while attending high school. We also provide a rigorous curriculum, in both standard courses and Advanced Placement courses, to help accelerate student growth. In furthering our focus on our student’s needs, we provide a 9th grade transition course that supports the emotional, social, and academic needs of our 9th grade students during the transition from middle school to high school.

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Avondale High School

2800 Waukegan Street, Auburn Hills, MI

Main Line: (248) 537-6100
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Mr. Doug Wilson


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Mr. Jason Danta

Assistant Principal

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Ms. Patrice Howard

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School Hours:  7:22 a.m. - 2:22 p.m.
Half-Day Dismissal:  10:33 a.m.
Early Release for Professional Development:  12:25 p.m.
Main Office Hours:  7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Preparing for Your Road to the Future at Avondale High School

Avondale High School offers many options to help prepare each individual student for their road to their future. Through our expansive, rigorous curriculum, our Early College program, online classes, Honors & AP classes, and summer school, we have the tools and programs to support every student in reaching their goals – no matter what their needs may be! Our counseling center is available to provide students with assistance in various academic support needs, such as studying skills, tutoring, helpful tips, and various resources. We also take pride in our Career Development program, where we help students learn more about themselves and what jobs match their interests, skills, and personalities. Your future starts now, and Avondale High School is here to provide all of the tools, skills, and guidance to achieve your goals!

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Academics, Athletics & Extracurricular Activities

Avondale High School provides students with a powerful academic platform, including honors & AP courses, an Early College Program, online classes and more. Our Technology Education track is unmatched in Southeastern Michigan providing students with marketable certifications to enter the work force following graduation or as building blocks for continued studies in technology-based careers.

The motto of Avondale Athletics is “Winning is for a day, Sportsmanship and Ethics are for a Lifetime!”. While we pride ourselves on coaching our teams to victory, it’s our focus on sportsmanship, teamwork, ethics, and commitment that truly make Avondale High School Athletics one of the best.

We understand that students have a wide-range of interests and talents, which is why we offer a variety of extracurricular activities through band, choir, robotics, forensics, and even the WAHS 89.5 Community Radio!

Get Involved at Avondale High School

Being a part of a club or athletic team connects students to something bigger than themselves.  Through involvement in school beyond the classroom, students meet new people with shared interest; learn new skills, build knowledge and gain experience; explore interests that may lead to career choices; and improve communication, problem-solving and team-work skills and build confidence.  Involvement promotes active participation in improving one's life and contributes to the improvement of other's lives.

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Student Services

Avondale School District offers various student support services for our students to help provide needed support and materials for academic, social, and emotional growth. Our Student Support Services include:

  • Remediation Courses in Reading and Math
  • Special Services, ASD, and ESL classes
  • ESL Tutoring
  • Full-time Social Worker, 3 Full-time Counselors, 1 Counselor for Online Studies
  • Career Development
  • Academic Tutoring
  • College Preparations & Admissions
  • LINKS Peer Mentoring
  • 9th Grade Transition Class
Counseling Center

Information & Resources

Below you’ll find various information and resources, including athletic, extracurricular, counseling, and more! Have a question about a resource? Visit out Contact Us page and let us know!