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Facility Rentals

If your student tests positive for COVID, please contact our Health Department nurse, Lourdes Lopez, at 947-235-1067 for guidance.

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Facilities Available for Rent in Avondale School District

Are you looking for a facility to rent to accomodate your event or need? We can help! Rent a classroom to accommodate 30 or less people, the Avondale High School Performing Arts Center to seat 200-750 people, the Middle School Auditeria to seat up to 260 people, or one of our athletic facilities. Our buildings and grounds are state-of-the-art, well-maintained, and conducive to many types of events and activities. Our goal is to provide facilities for community uses that complement the mission of Avondale School District. Community members are encouraged to use our facilities for educational, recreational, civic, and cultural activities when the activities do not conflict with school use or with the Avondale School District Board of Education policy. See below for more information on how to rent an Avondale facility.

Facility Rental Contact Information

Susan Adams

Facility Rentals Coordinator
Phone: (248) 537-6020

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Hannah Zorkot

Phone: 248-537-6011
Fax: (248) 537-6050

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Our Rental Facilities Include

Performing Arts Center

Football Field


Field House


Swimming pool
School gym

Renting an Avondale Facility

To rent an Avondale facility, please contact Hannah Zorkot at (248) 537-6011 or send an email via the Rental Request button below to request a Facility Rental Application. You will receive confirmation of your request with a contract requiring your signature. Contracts and insurance must be on file with the Avondale Facility Rental Office prior to use of Avondale School District facilities. Requests for facilities will be granted dependent upon availability.

The Avondale Superintendent’s Office or the Avondale Board of Education reserve the right to deny any application and/or assign similar facilities at a different location when necessary. The Avondale School District does not guarantee room availability for any event/activity prior to receipt of a signed contract and required insurance documents. We advise renters to wait to publicize their events until they receive approval of their rental request.

When Avondale School District or an individual building is closed for the regular school day for any reason, all evening events are cancelled at the building(s).