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Avondale Schools Diploma
& Careers Institute (ASDCI)

The Avondale Schools Diploma & Careers Institute (ASDCI) is a tuition free learning environment for students ages 15-22 years old. Our unique environment is designed to help students pursue their high school diploma online while still providing valuable counseling, mentoring, special education, and English Language Learners services to our students. At ASDCI, we believe that, as young adults, high school students should take a more central role in their education. Each student has unique characteristics, interests, and abilities; and we believe that each student can succeed in a robust educational program that provides them with the independence, flexibility, and autonomy that they aspire to, and deserve.

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Avondale Schools Diploma & Careers Institute (ASDCI) building

Avondale Schools Diploma
& Careers Institute

1435 W Auburn Road Rochester Hills, MI

Main Office: (248) 368-0413

For More Information Contact:

Mr. Todd Biederwolf

Mr. Todd Biederwolf


(313) 575-3768

School Hours:
9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

ASDCI Helps Students Who…

  • …want to finish high school faster.
  • …need to explore learning beyond the standard curriculum.
  • …are behind on credits towards their graduation year.
  • …have daily attendance challenges.
  • …have personal or health issues.
  • …tend to quit easily.
  • …have transportation challenges.
  • …need classes not offered at their regular schools.
  • …need a flexible schedule.
  • …have part-time or full-time jobs.
  • …have family commitments or are raising children.
  • …want to study, learn, or do their homework when they have free time.
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Helping Students Reach
Their Full Potential

The Avondale Schools Diploma & Careers Institute is an innovative learning environment designed to help all students reach their full potential. For instruction, students are transported to Avondale Meadows Learning Center in Rochester Hills, and provided technology, devices, and internet – each student receives a Chromebook with built-in internet access that will work at home or school, which is theirs to keep as they move forward. While at ASDCI, students are also provided free breakfast and lunch, and have the opportunity to participate in afterschool clubs and activities at Avondale High School, as well as Oakland Schools Technical Education Programs.

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Features of the ASDCI program:

  • Food service and transportation provided to students at the ASDCI Resource Center – Open Monday-Thursday 9 am-2 pm at the Auburn Road campus.
  • ASDCI Resource Center is staffed by qualified and committed professionals who work closely with students in support of their graduation, college, and career aspirations.
  • Unique online format that enables students to work on their school assignments at the ASDCI Resource Center or while at home or other locations.
  • Counseling staff, social workers, English Language Learners support, and Special Education services available to students at the ASDCI Resource Center.
  • Participation in clubs and activities at Avondale High School, with transportation provided from the ASDCI Resource Center to AHS Monday-Thursday.
  • Opportunity to enroll in the Oakland Technical Education Campus (OTEC) program and students currently participating in Oakland Technical Education Campus (OTEC) classes will be able to continue in their programs.
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If the Avondale Schools Diploma & Careers Institute sounds like a good match for you or your student, we encourage you to enroll today! Each ASDCI Class of 2021 graduate also receives a well-deserved $1,000 scholarship to extend their college and/or career development post-graduation. Your future starts now – enroll today!

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