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K-12 Career Development

If your student tests positive for COVID, please contact our Health Department nurse, Lourdes Lopez, at 947-235-1067 for guidance.

Avondale Middle School

Secondary Career Development is embedded into our curriculum whenever possible. We also have intentional activities that give students time and space to reflect on themselves and careers that might match their personality, skills, and interests. Some of these include:

  • 6th Grade Career Day
  • Monthly “Career Reflection and Connection” Days (writing prompts and class discussion)
  • “Future Focus Days”: Time for students to reflect, explore careers/schools in Xello and complete state requirements
  • Future Fridays: Guest speakers at lunch
  • Jobs in Action: Job site tours at local businesses
  • College campus visit
  • Field trips: Oakland Technical Campus, Construction Career Day, etc.
Students in science class

Future Fridays

Still not sure what you want to do after high school?

Want to talk to someone who has a job you are interested in?

Hear from an industry professional 
while you eat lunch!

Sign up for a Future Friday lunch!

What to do:

Sign up for the date you want to attend on Google Classroom (graduating class)! 
Look for the Future Friday topic.
Invite your friends!
Go to the host teacher’s room during lunch.
Bring your lunch.
The Host Teacher will introduce you to the speaker who will either be in-person or will join remotely to tell you about their career and give you an opportunity to ask questions!

Upcoming Future Friday Events


Events & Field Trips

Jan. 26:  Future Focus Day. 7th and 8th grade students explore careers and work on state required Educational Development plans

April 6, 2022: 6th grade Career Day

Countywide Opportunities

ACE mentor program in Architecture, Construction and Engineering.

Jan. 19, 2023: Oakland Schools Technical Campus Information Night - see the campus and learn about all the opportunities available at OSTC.

Feb. 9, 2023: Oakland Schools Technical Campus Information Night - see the campus and learn about all the opportunities available at OSTC.

Other Resources for
Secondary Students

- Local apprenticeships, Trades, Culinary, Healthcare and military links
- AHS Opportunities by Career cluster
- Michigan HOT Jobs
- Metro Detroit Job Outlook
- Day in the Life Videos
- Career Onestop Videos

Find more videos in your Graduating Class Google classroom!

Looking for a specific career video? Request one from


Avondale students use Xello, a comprehensive career and education planning program. Xello provides everything students need to complete annual state EDP requirements and more! It includes:

  • Self-awareness assessments
  • Career and skill matching tools
  • Career awareness and exploration
  • Educational planning information
  • Space for documenting goals and plans
  • Upload space for a digital portfolio
  • Lessons in career and life skills
  • A resume building tool
  • And much more!
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