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Mustang Connections

Mustang Connections is a trimester-long course offered to 8th grade students who work as a team to produce a school-wide television news broadcast.  In addition to learning the essentials of video production including researching, script writing, and post-production editing, students also have opportunity to develop interpersonal skills such as leadership, communication, collaboration, time management and problem solving.

The broadcasts include service announcements, sports and club updates, staff and student interviews, and current events. The students assume different roles in the process that challenge them to go beyond their comfort zone and take ownership of each production.  An engaging and meaningful experience, Mustang Connections embodies the essence of Avondale School District project-based learning.

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Live Broadcasts Twice a Week
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Live Announcements

Mustang Connections - Past Broadcasts

Looking for past broadcasts of Mustang Connections? Use the calendar to locate the date the broadcast aired. Once you've found the date, highlight and copy the URL from the calendar and paste it into your browser. Not finding the past broadcast you're looking for? Contact Avondale Middle School for more info!