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February 22, 2024 - March 22, 2024

TK/Kindergarten - 11th Grade

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Your Road to the Future Awaits…

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Build Your Unique High School Journey

Pathways and learning opportunities tailored to your interests and post high school dreams.
In addition to the Schools of Choice Application, students applying for enrollment
in Avondale High School must also complete the form at this LINK.

  • Accelerated Pathway

    Allows gifted/advanced students to excel in high school through the creation of a personalized path based on the student’s post high school destination and interests. Learn more here.

  • IT Pathway

    Aligns with employment trends and prepares students for a career in networking, web design, cyber-security, ethical hacking, forensics investigation, administration and more. Students earn certifications for FREE! Learn more here.

  • Biomedical Science Pathway

    Provides hand-on lessons and experiences that build in-demand knowledge for students interested in a career in the healthcare industry.

  • Engineering Pathway

    Engages students in compelling real-world challenges associated with industries including aerospace, civil engineering, architecture and environmental sustainability. Learn more here.

  • Content-Focused Pathways

    Focuses on areas of study (English, Math, Science, Social Studies and CTE) through scheduling, concentrating on students’ post high school plans.

  • AP (Advanced Placement Courses)

    Covers the breadth of information and skills found in corresponding college courses. AP courses add a layer of rigor to the traditional classroom.

  • Honors Classes

    Tailored for highly motived students. Classes offer the same curriculum as general education classes expanded and covered in greater depth.

  • Dual Enrollment

    Provides the opportunity for students to earn both high school and college credit.

  • Early College

    Students can earn up to 60 credits or an Associate of Arts Degree or Associate of Applied Science Degree from Rochester University while earning their Avondale High School Diploma, at no cost to the student. Learn more here.

  • Fire Academy

    Partnership with Oakland Community College that provides students with an opportunity to earn certifications and an Associate Degree in Fire Technology. Learn more here.

  • 21st Century Pathways

    In a progressive manner, the 21st Century Pathways program provides opportunities for students to obtain and develop success skills. Students explore postsecondary paths and work with a counselor to develop a plan for achievement. Learn more here.

More Than Just High School…

WAHS 89.5

Student-run 2400-watt radio station broadcasting across southeast Michigan. Students are hands on and “voice on”, learning aspects of the radio industry including production, broadcast, marketing and public relations. Classes offered during the school day and club opportunities after school.


2D, 3D, Metals, Ceramics, Drawing, Painting, and Studio Art offered in a state-of-the-art wing of the school.
Award-winning vocal and instrumental music, theatre, and forensics courses and clubs offered in professional level facilities.


Students design, build and program machines to compete in local, state, and world level tournaments. Avondale’s High School team, the RoboJackets, are celebrated across the circuit, winning countless distinguished awards and titles including State Champions!


Avondale High School offers a full array of team and individual athletics for both male and female participants. Student athletes train, practice and play in exceptional facilities that span the high school complex, supported by an enthusiastic fan base of family members, alumni and community members.


National Honor Society
National Art Honor Society
National French Honor Society
National Spanish Honor Society
National German Honor Society
HOSA - Future Health Professionals
Journalism Club


Class Board
Student Leadership Club
Diversity Club
The Queens of Melanin
Muslim Student Association
Strategy Club
E-Sports Club


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K-8th Grade Learning & Engagement That Is Intentional


District-provided technology for every student to complement traditional teaching and learning tools.


Teachers trained in project-based learning pedagogies that define the direction and goals of the lessons that makes curriculum come alive.


Variety of clubs and activities designed to keep students engaged in school while supporting their physical, emotional, and academic growth, as well as leadership skills and character development.


Comprehensive approach to career readiness embedded into 
K - 12 curriculum, featuring:

•    Elementary - Engaging activities and guest speakers    
•    Middle & High School - Interest assessment, research 
projects, job shadowing and internships


•     Range of competitive teams for students to excel on the track, court and field.
•     Performing Arts including vocal, instrumental, and theatre groups for students in grades 6 - 8 to shine!

Opportunities for Every Student to Shine

There is truly something for every student within Avondale School District. We are proud to offer numerous enrichment opportunities both in and out of the classroom that are as varied and diverse as our students. Plus, our state-of-the-art facilities are designed to help each student flourish in their respective areas of interest.

Teacher helping student

Performing Arts

  • Large Auditorium & Full-Production Stage
    • High-Tech Lighting & Sound
    • Fly/Rigging System
    • Dressing Rooms, Scene Shop, Costume Shop, and Black Box Theater
  • Orchestra Pit & Red Oak Orchestra Stage
  • Instrumental & Vocal Music Rooms with Recording Capability
  • Cutting Edge Visual Arts Studios
    • 2D Art Room for Drawing & Painting
    • Ceramic & Metal Arts Studios
  • Broadcasting Production Studio
    • Home of WAHS 89.5 - Michigan’s Strongest High School Radio Station Signal at 2400 watts
Football team playing a game


  • Football & Lacrosse Fields
  • Baseball & Softball Diamonds with Batting Cages
  • Indoor & Outdoor Running Tracks
  • Auxiliary & Wrestling Gyms
  • Weight Room
  • Outdoor Shot Put & Discus Circle
  • Tennis Courts
  • Swimming Pool
Teacher helping student


  • 4 Elementary Schools (TK/Kindergarten-Grade 5)
  • Gifted and Talented Magnet School (Grades 2-8)
  • Middle School (Grades 6-8)
  • High School (Grades 9-12)
  • Post High School Program (for students 18-26 with a disability)
  • Across the District:
    • ESL Programming and Supports
    • Special Education Programming and Supports
    • Literacy Supports and Interventions
    • Peer Mentoring Programs
    • Student Leadership Classes and Clubs
    • Restorative Behavior Practices and Character Building Programs

Why Choose Avondale School District?

We believe there are a few factors that are of vital importance in today's evolving world and within our local community. First and foremost, the safety of our students and faculty is of the utmost importance. In addition to material safeguards, we believe our transparency and open, honest communication with parents and the community has built a foundation upon which we can work together to uphold the exceptional educational experience we pride ourselves on.

We believe our collaboration and strong relationships foster a climate of mutual respect that recognizes the diversity of our school community and the needs of our Avondale families. Upon these values we can make steadfast decisions that best support and serve our students, staff, and parents.

We believe in focusing on the individual learner and catering to the individual student's interests, talents, skills, and needs. Our approach to education tailors programming, opportunities, and supports to bring out the best in each child, not only for success in our Pre-K - 12 environment, but into and through adulthood. It's upon these principles that we engage our students, staff, parents, and community to be the best district we can be.

Small class sizes ensure no student is just a number.

Our staff, students & families know and value each other.

Safe & positive learning environment that nurtures the individual.

Real world teaching & learning that goes beyond the textbook.

Competitive curriculum – Students are champions of their own education.

STEM-based classes with numerous Advanced Placement & Honors opportunities.

Extensive enrichment & extra-curricular opportunities for every student.

Preparation & support for all kinds of post-secondary education journeys.

Our Approach to Education Makes the Difference

Avondale School District is committed to cultivating lifelong learners with an enriched sense of self. We believe that education should reach beyond the classroom and encourage students to approach their world with curiosity, enthusiasm, and confidence in their own unique abilities. Our varied curriculum and activities are not only designed to make our students be better learners, but also better people – challenging them to commit to creative problem-solving, constructive collaboration, and ongoing personal growth.


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What Avondale Parents & Students Are Saying…

“Our small community gives each child a place to become a part of something AMAZING. Avondale Schools are not just a school district, they are a family helping to mold our children into good humans!”

“I like how diverse everyone is and how there is only a little over 1,000 students – therefore everyone pretty much knows everyone…The teachers I've had have been very helpful, caring, understanding and supportive about our education and life outside of school.”

“The staff and students were very welcoming to me since I was a transfer student. The school district is very involved with everything in the community and are very friendly to everyone. Once you attend, Avondale becomes your family.”

“A small yet very diverse district and school environment. They have a full complement of sports, clubs and theater. Teachers challenge students and the curriculum offers opportunities for creative expression, critical thinking, and problem solving.”

“The Avondale School District contributed a lot to the person I am today by providing programs to help me grow both academically and personally. While in Avondale, I took many AP classes allowing me to receive credits for college, and participated in Avondale’s dual enrollment program with Oakland Community College, taking both Calculus 2 and Calculus 3 before graduating. I was also involved in many opportunities set up for the growth of students, including varsity sports, National Honors Art Society, National Honors Society, and Class board. Through these experiences I was able to grow my leadership, personal, and social skills, as well as make lifelong friends that I still have today. I have nothing but good things to say about the district and am so proud to be part of the community Avondale has created.”

Emily Plumer 
- 2018 Avondale Graduate
- Majoring in Computer Science in the College of Engineering, University of Michigan (Class of 2022)

"I really enjoyed my time at Avondale, and it helped me become the person I am today. From AP classes, to sports, to other extracurricular activities, Avondale helped to push me to be the best person I could be. I’d like to thank all of the great teachers who were always willing to go the extra mile to make sure I was successful. I’m thankful that I was able to be a Yellow Jacket!"

Adam Good
- 2018 Avondale Graduate
- Majoring in Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan College of Engineering